Buck Hill



I would highly recommend the services that Ed oversees(Agape Technical Support) to churches and organizations. We were in need of some audio and video help and Ed stepped in and in a conversation with a non tech person he was able not to help with what we needed but was able to explain in a way that was easy to understand and gave us the resources to make our system work for us.

Buck Hill 

Sean Donnelly



Ed came to the convention’s office after our annual meeting to help us get our recording room back in good order and teach us how to use the equipment that had been gathering dust for several years.


I appreciated Ed’s visit on several levels. First, he resolved the issue! When he left, the recording studio was up and running. However, Ed made sure he didn’t just solve the problem, instead he walked me through the process so that I understood how the equipment worked and could manage the system (hopefully) without further need for support.


Finally, Ed was very friendly and personable. How refreshing to have tech support guy that you enjoy working with! I would recommend Agape Technical Support to any church.

Sean Donnelly

Dr. Randy Rogers



The rising costs of technology have kept many small churches from improving or simply

updating their current media resources. Agape Technical Support has a great opportunity to help smaller churches find simple and efficient ways to increase their reach through live streaming and media presence.

During my last interim at FBC Lockney, the church encountered a need to update their

livestream production. Ed and his team spent over 25 hours in consultation with our church over a 3-week period. He was able to provide several consultations with myself, the media committee, and the church secretary. These consultations were accomplished via zoom, phone, email and also through personal time on the church campus. Ed even visited a couple of services to make sure the sound and video improvements that he recommended were actually working appropriately. To further strengthen his impact, Ed brought in outside experts who answered some questions that he himself could not answer. He sent written recommendations via email, provided information on best prices and reliable companies from which to purchase

equipment, and checked our live feeds to make sure improvements were consistent with the

intended purchases.

Ed and his team were also able to help the church find a livestream solution (camera, cords, video conversion boxes) that cost the church less than $1000. This does not cover the value that Ed and his team of experts provided to FBC Lockney. They treated our members with kindness and respect, and they were able to help “media novices” improve their media reach with simple solutions, an encouraging presence, and timely advice.

Dr. Randy Rogers